I’ve heard and seen so many bloggers and vloggers raving about this concealer saying it’s their favourite, so I had to buy it to see what the fuss is about!

I bought it from SuperDrug for only £4.19 which is so affordable!! Here is the link if you want to purchase it for yourself!

This product is now my absolute favourite, it has brilliant coverage and blends so easily. I used to use the Maybelline Fit Me concealer, which is really good! But this is definitely now my new favourite, as it’s cheaper, lasts longer and has better coverage.

There are 4 different shades for this concealer- 1 Fair, 2 Cool Medium, 3 Warm Medium and 4 Dark. I purchased the Warm Medium concealer, although it is kind of dark for my skin tone it’s perfect for when I’m using my darker makeup for a night out. I am going to pop back into SuperDrug and buy a lighter shade, as they are so cheap!

Here is a little selfie of me using the Collection Concealer. I am now in love with it and will definitely be using it every single day!!!!!!  

Hope you liked my blog post, and let me know your favourite concealer in the comments!✨

Jadey xoxo

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