Baby Face✨

I’ve had so much trouble trying to find the perfect makeup wipes. Tried so many different brands from high end to budget and they just aren’t good enough. Either too dry or give me spots the next day.


But last week, I went into Tesco and randomly come across Johnson’s Baby Wipes. They are currently reduced to 85p which is an absolute bargain!!! I had to buy them and to my surprise they are the best makeup wipes ever.

They smell absolutely gorgeous, feel so soft, and leave my skin feeling so soft. Each wipe is a lot bigger compared to normal makeup wipes; which is better as you only really have to use 1 depending on how much makeup your wearing.

These are now at the top of my list and I’m never going back to any normal makeup wipes. If they’re good enough for a babies skin they are good enough for mine! They work wonders on me!✨

Have you ever used these wipes before? Or are you thinking about purchasing them? Let me know in the comments!☺️

Jadey xoxo

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