My FAVE setting spray✨

Basically I’ve been searching high and low for a setting spray that actually works. I went into Debenhams to buy the Urban Decay setting spray but it was out of stock! Which I was very upset about, but I will have to purchase it when it’s back in stock!

I really needed one for the weekend and a lovely woman in Boots recommended the Maybelline Setting Spray. It is £6.99 which is affordable compared to the price of Urban Decay. I obviously wasn’t expecting it to be as good as the Urban Decay, but it was worth a try for the price!

The first time I sprayed it on my face it left me with white speckles, but they easily wiped off and didn’t ruin my makeup! So I suggest you spray it a few times somewhere else the first time you use it.

Every time I use it now I tend to shake it first then spray at arms length about 5 times on my face. You can feel it go onto your face, and it does leave wet drops but they disappear straight away! I find that this setting spray works very very well! I haven’t really tried any other setting spray, but as my first this is sooo good and I definitely recommend it to anyone looking to purchase a great, affordable setting spray.

I can spray it on my face at 7am before work and my makeup still looks fresh all day!! I don’t even need to touch up my face throughout the day, which is what I used to do before I used this setting spray.

Honestly if your wanting to purchase an affordable setting spray I advise you to buy this one! It’s fabulous, I love it!

If you have any questions or want to tell me about your opinion on the setting spray just leave a comment!😊✨

Jadey xoxo

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