My Revolution Beauty Haul💁🏽✨


I love my monthly beauty hauls! My favourite time of the month is spoiling myself in my favourite high street shop.. SuperDrug. It’s 3 for 2 so what’s not to love!

I didn’t need anything new, I just wanted to try out some different products which I know I will get some use out of. So I decided to buy a primer, highlighter and lipstick from the brand Revolution.

Here is what I thought of each product-

Revolution Ultra Face Base Primer: I usually use the Maybeline Baby Face primer but it started giving me quite a few spots so I decided to try the Revolution primer instead. It’s so soft and is the same consistency as the Maybeline one. I love it and I’ve found that it also helps my makeup stay on for longer throughout the day.

Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter: This highlighter is absolutely stunning and I couldn’t help but buy it! You don’t have to use that much product as the shine is so good. I love it and it’s my favourite go to highlighter for an everyday look. When I go out, I usually apply it with my finger to create an extra glow then blend with a brush!

Revolution Nude Lipstick: I love love love nude lipsticks and I’m always keen to try different ones. I did a swatch of quite a few in SuperDrug but this was the only one which really appealed to me as the others match what I already have. I love the colour but I would prefer it if it was matte, as you have to keep topping it up throughout the day as it fades. However it is a gorgeous colour and for a £1 it’s a bargain!

Here is a swatch of the lipstick and glowing highlight☺️

I love the brand Revolution and it is an amazing affordable brand. Also 3 for 2 at SuperDrug makes it even more affordable. All these products are amazing and I would definitely buy from this brand again☺️✨

Jadey xoxo

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