Perfect Pout Review💋

I entered a competition on Twitter to win a Perfect Pout and to my surprise I actually won. I was so happy as I’ve actually wanted to try one of these for so long. The perfect pout is basically a pain free, no surgery way of enhancing your lips.

I received the “wide” one; there are a few different shapes, but I’ve found the wide shape does actually work for my lip shape. Which I am very happy about!

At first I was quite scared and sketchy about using it, as I remember everyone doing the “Kylie lip challenge” and ended up with bruises around their lips. But after seeing the results of many people’s lips turning out fine I knew if I did it the right way I wouldn’t get horribly bruised lips.

I followed the instructions on the back of the packaging and received perfect results. First I applied a lip balm to my lips to moisturise them, then I positioned the Perfect Pout in the centre of my lips, and basically kept taking short breaths to allow the product to suck my lips into it. Once i had suction, I left it on for 30 seconds and I removed it by breaking the suction with my finger. To achieve the result you want, just keep following them instructions.. I did it 2 or 3 times and received a fabulous pout.

I absolutely love this product and I’m so happy that I got to try it out! My plumped pout lasts for around 4 hours, which is brilliant! I have wanted to get my lips done for a while now, but this product is making me think differently. My lips are now the shape and size I want them to be and I couldn’t be happier!

Thankyou @MyPerfectPout 💋

Jadey xoxo

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