Leonhardy VP Swarovski Make-up Brushes💎

I had the pleasure of receiving 4 absolutely stunning Leonhardy VP Swarovski makeup-brushes, and they were sent all the way from Germany by Total Partners. When i first opened the packaging the first word that popped into my head was stunning. These brushes are so unique and fancy, and I’m so proud to be having these in my make-up bag. The Swarovski crystals are so beautiful and make the brushes really stand out. The hair is very high quality synthetic and so soft, and after doing some research I’ve also found out they’re vegan and vegetarian friendly too.

This set of brushes includes a powder brush, a lip brush, an eye shadow brush and an eyebrow/lash brush. 2 of them have the Swarovski crystals inside the handles, and the other two have Swarovski crystals inserted into the handles. I’ll now go through each one and tell you how they have worked for me.

The powder brush is honestly fabulous! I use it to apply my blusher and loose powder, and it honestly is a pleasure to work with. The brush looks heavy, but it actually is quite lightweight. The hairs did not fall out of the brush whilst using it, and it is so soft on my face. The brush holds onto the product, and blends it perfectly. Personally it’s my favourite one out of them all.

The lip brush is quite big for a lip brush, although i think it’s a brilliant idea. It flexes onto the lips whilst applying lipstick and spreads the colour so well. This brush also has a super point to the end which helps create a perfect cupids bow. I use this brush more than my other lip brushes now, as it’s super soft and looks amazing too.

The eye shadow brush is again very soft and very beautiful. The brush doesn’t shed any hair, and it blends eye shadow brilliantly. I’ve also found this brush works well to apply glitter eye shadow to the lids, as it lays down the product well without it looking tacky.

The eyebrow/lash brush does exactly what it’s supposed to do. The lash side helps to separate the lashes if the mascara has gone clumpy, and the eyebrow side helps brush excess product off the eyebrows and also grooms them too. I barely use the lash side as my lashes don’t tend to be clumpy, but the eyebrow side gets used regularly and i love it.

These brushes at the moment can only be purchased from Swarovski stores in Vienna, Innsbruck and Crystal World Austria. However these brushes will be launching on the online store in October, where you can select from 9 different Brush Styles with the same design. You will be able to choose from 8 different Crystal Colours, and also select hair type. So for now if you aren’t in any of them countries and you wish to have these gorgeous brushes in your life, then here is the Total Partners website.

What do you think of these Leonhardy VP Swarovski Crystal Makeup Brushes? Let me know in the comments!

Jadey xoxo

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