Angelica’s Chocolate Cocoa Delight Hand Scrub💛

This is the 110Mls of Chocolate Cocoa Delight Hand Scrub from Angelica Botanical Therapy which is currently £10 on their website. They have a fantastic range of handmade skincare products made from natural ingredients, their products also have no artificial colouring and they are NOT tested on animals.

This hand scrub is made with organic Cocoa, which improves the skin’s hydration and complexion. The Cocoa is high in skin-protecting vitamins and minerals, and it also contains more antioxidants than green tea or red wine. The  Scrub has a strong smell of chocolate, which makes you wish you could eat it! Also this scrub is suitable for hands, body and feet… but isn’t suitable for the face as it contains oils.

When I first used this product I made sure I stirred it with my finger before I used it, as most of the scrub was at the bottom and there was liquid at the top.  When the consistency looked right, I wet my hands and put a tablespoon of the scrub in the palm of my hand. I gently massaged the scrub in a circular motion, and then made sure I did between my fingers as well. After I scrubbed my hand, I rinsed with warm water then did the exact same with the other hand.

After using the hand scrub my hands felt so soft. I’ve been using it for a week now and im so pleased with how soft and moisturised my hands are. I haven’t yet used the scrub on any other parts of  my body, but I will definitely consider using it on my legs as I think it will make them so soft. Im in love with this product, and the fact that it smells like chocolate makes it even better.

Jadey xoxo

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