The Arconic Curved Paddle Brush Review

I’ve had the pleasure of receiving the Arconic Curved Paddle Brush to review from AJC 93. It is founded by the Scottish Hairdresser of the year finalist John Gillespe. It is designed for medium to long hair styles, and also helps you to enhance your finished hair style. Leaving you with a profession salon-look at home. The Arconic curved brush retains the paddle brush feel with the ability to dry and smooth large sections of hair quickly and can effortlessly add oomph to any blow dry. The brush also has an ergonomically designed handle, which gives you better control when blow drying your hair.

When you first look at this brush you can clearly see it doesn’t look like any ordinary brush. This brush combines a flat and round brush to great effect. The unique curve makes this brush very special, and it makes you wonder why nobody previously thought to do it. The curve is such a brilliant feature with so many pro’s and no con’s at all. It helps dry your hair faster, adds bounce, gives you a salon-worthy blow dry at home and it styles your hair leaving it flawless.

My hair is extremely long, and blow drying my hair in the morning is so stressful and time challenging. I’ve tried so many different brushes from barrel brushes to paddles brushes, but I can honestly say this brush is now my go-to when blow drying my hair. It leaves my hair looking flawlessly straight after every blow dry, and as the brush is curved it helps dry my long hair faster as it can dry larger sections than any other hair brush. The curve in the brush also gives your hair a perfect amount of bounce which it needs.

The Arconic Curved Paddle Brush is priced at ÂŁ19.99. Personally I believe this brush is worth the purchase, whether you want it for your salon or just to use for yourself at home. The outcome from this product is brilliant, and I’m so glad I’ve had the chance to review it.

Jadey xoxo

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