NUXE Paris – Product Samples Review.

NUXE is a brand I have recently heard a few bloggers, celebrities and models talking about, so I decided to request for some samples so I could try before I buy. I am always quite weary about trying out a new brand incase the product doesn’t work well for my skin. However this product is brilliant, and I definitely will be getting full sized products some time soon. I received 3 samples:

  • NUXE Body 24hr Moisturising Body Lotion
  • NUXE Fondant Cleansing Gel For Face And Eyes
  • NUXE Multi Purpose Dry Oil For Face, Body Or Hair.

I was so excited to try all 3 of these products, as I love trying different skincare products! I hate using the same skincare product over and over I love to try and find newer and better products. This brand has been a pleasure to try out, and i’m so happy with my results. Here is a review of each product:

NUXE Body 24hr Moisturising Body Lotion

“This moisturising body lotion with Orange Blossom and Almond Blossom petals is immediately absorbed for a non-greasy finish. Provides 24 hour hydration to reveal comfortable, supple skin. Skin feels soft and as smooth as silk. French beauty addicts are delighted with the irresistible scent the light body lotion is leaving on their skin.” – From the website.

I only received a small sample, so i decided to try it out on my legs. The smell of this product is almost like an expensive perfume, it smells beautiful. The lotion itself is very moisturising and creamy. Most moisturisers feel like they just stick on your skin and feels sticky, whereas this one sinks into your skin and leaves you smelling fabulous. Can’t give a negative point on this sample, it’s just brilliant. A friend of mine has also told me that she has had this product for a  while now and uses it everyday and her skin has never felt as soft!

NUXE Fondant Cleansing Gel For Face And Eyes

“This Melting Cleansing Gel with Rose Petals for face and eyes cleanses, removes make-up and clarifies with a mild and gentle action. Soap free, its melting, creamy texture doesn’t dry skin.” – From the website.

This cleansing gel is brilliant for sensitive, normal and combination skin. Im so happy this product was within the samples i received. This cleansing gel has a gorgeous delicate rose fragrance and is a creamy gel texture. Most cleansers irritate my face, but this one instantly calmed some inflamed patches on my face and continued to soothe and clarify after every use. I don’t personally like taking my eye makeup off with gels or products containing fragrance as they tend to irritate my eyes. But this one didn’t irritate my eyes at all, but it didn’t end up removing all my eye makeup. Overall i am really happy with this product, it is a brilliant facial cleansing gel, however i wouldn’t personally use it to remove eye makeup.

NUXE Multi Purpose Dry Oil For Face, Body Or Hair

“Huile Prodigieuse is France’s leading beauty oil*. This multi-usage dry oil, made using six Precious Plant Oils (Macadamia, Hazelnut, Borage, Almond, Camellia and St. John’s Wort), nourishes, repairs and softens skin and hair. It has a unique, non-greasy feel and a captivating fragrance.” – From the website.

I’ve heard so many amazing reviews about this product, and i was really excited to try it out. The oil itself is very lightweight, and absorbs into the skin well. I tried this product on my face in the evening before bed. My skin absorbed the oil throughout the night, and i woke up with a fresh plump, soft and hydrated face. It also smells amazing, as do all of the NUXE products i have tried. Also my sensitive skin doesn’t feel irritated with this oil which i love! I cant wait to purchase the full size version of this product, and I’m loving the fact that there is a limited edition Paris version of the product. The bottle looks beautiful, and looks like a fabulous keep sake. Here is the link for the limited edition version.

Thankyou for taking the time to read my reviews of the NUXE products. Have you tried any of these products? If so what are your opinions? Or are you thinking about purchasing them some time in the future? Let me know in the comments!

Jadey xoxo

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