Linziclip Review – A revolutionary new hair clip.

I love having different ways to style my hair, as I hate being boring and having it the same everyday. When putting my hair up, or even having half up or half down, I love to use the more traditional claw clips. However I think these Linziclips have officially changed my hair game. The traditional claw clips tend to stick into my head when I lie down ect, but these don’t! Instead it feels as though I dont even have a hair clip in, they’re so comfortable to wear. Im gutted I didn’t know about these sooner!

So I’ll start by telling you about Linziclip. It is a revolutionary new hair clip which thanks to its advanced gripping mechanism and two spring device, camouflages the inner workings of the old style claw clip whilst gripping the hair better than ever before. And the springs are hidden. It has been invented for versatility, looks and comfort with its unique cylindrical shape, the Linziclip has taken the world by storm and is selling around the world. The Linziclip is available in 3 sizes; maxi, midi and mini. Maxi is for fine/thin hair, Midi is for medium to thick hair, and mini is for all types of hair. They also come in a wide variety of different styles.

I luckily received 1 maxi, 3 midi’s and 3 mini’s and can happily say that the Linziclip is true to it’s claims. It is indeed very comfortable in my hair, and it grips my hair so much better than the traditional claw clip. It has a flat back, so the clip doesn’t stick into your scalp. You also experience no pulling or tugging on your hair, and it stays in place all day without budging. The clip is so easy to use as it’s just like the traditional one, you just press the sides of the clip and place it on the section of hair you want to clip up.

These clips have been made so cleverly and I’m beginning to wonder why nobody thought to do this in the first place! They are made so the springs are hidden so they can’t come in contact with your hair, and they have a flat back with a sleek cylinder exterior so you can lean back without it sticking into your head. The hinges are also placed neatly on the sides for a cleaner look.

Linziclips can be used for nearly every hair do, and they will suite any occasion. They have so many unique designs, from metallic to glitter. There are also plain ones for work ect. These Linziclips have been worn by many celebrities, and I’m so glad to have been introduced to them. The prices range from £3.50 – £5.99. If you haven’t already got one, i suggest you try one to feel the difference.

Thankyou for taking the time to read my post, I hope you enjoyed it!

Jadey xoxo

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*DISCLAIMER- I was kindly sent this product, and I am not being paid and have not been told to say anything. All my opinions are completely honest and are my own. All my reviews are 100% honest, and I will never talk highly about a product I dislike.


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