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Blogging can be hard; Sometimes it feels like we put so much effort into our posts for them not to be noticed. So bloggers need a lot of love and support from fellow bloggers, which is why we decided to do a blogger collaboration. This was thought of by Becky from The Lifestyle Blogger UK. Awesome Bloggers is basically a post introducing different bloggers to help encourage more people to their site, and to build new relationships with different bloggers or brands. I will leave their blog links below, make sure you check them out. Maybe leave them a comment or 2 and show some love on their posts? Here are the 8 awesome bloggers!!

The Lifestyle Blogger UK

Her name is Becky and she is a 30+ lifestyle blogger. Her blog is full of honest reviews, blogger tips, recipes, interior design and travel posts. I can’t get over how good the layout of her blog is and how everything is so easy to find. She has so many categories on her blog, you will be on there all day reading all her amazing posts! She also has a cute online shop on her blog.  She sells everything from Scarves, Purses & Make Up Bags to Shabby Chic Drinks Coasters, Tote Bags, Stationery, Jewellery & Homewares. Her blog has a little bit of everything, make sure you check it out!

No Manual To Mummy

Her name is Lex and she’s 23. Her blog is basically based around family life, her journey through motherhood and adulthood. Her posts are so honest and from the heart. If you’re a mum to be, or have children already. Or even if your intrigued about her life, then I suggest you give her posts a read! Also after reading her Goals of November post I know she wants 1000 followers on twitter, so get following girls and show some love!

Polished By Leanne

Her name is Leanne and she is 20+. As you can tell from the name, her blog is all about her her love for all things nails! Her blog posts features AMAZING pictures of her nails/nail art and then a step by step guide so you can do it yourself. I love doing nails myself, so I’m super excited to read more of her posts and try some of her unique nail looks. I can’t get over how good all her Halloween nail designs where, I am definitely going to try them next year! The blood splattered design is my fave! She also features guest posts on her blog, as well as some beauty and lifestyle posts.

Steph Hannam

Her name is Steph and she is 21 and she has a degree in Interior Design. So she shares her interior design ideas, her post on Autumnal Homewear Ideas is amazing and such a good read! But she also writes about beauty, lifestyle and weddings. Her posts are all from the heart, and you can clearly tell she loves what she does. Her wedding planning post has really made me want to get married myself!

Zainab Travadi

Her name is Zainab and she blogs about fashion, lifestyle and beauty. Her blog is brilliant if you love to keep an eye on celebrity styles, as she finds so many different outfit looks for different celebrities. I loved her post on Ariana Grande’s Street Style. She also goes into great detail on her beauty reviews,  and clearly states all the pro’s and con’s of the product and even the ingredients. My favourite is the Maybelline Colour Show Blush Review.

Naomi Rowan

Her name is Naomi and she blogs about lifestyle, beauty and skincare. She shares her experience of discovering new products, techniques and trends. You can tell that she is honest with every post she shares. She covers tips such as How To Use Twitter For Your Blog and also show’s whats inside her monthly subscription boxes. She has made me want to subscribe to one as the products she receives in them are so good, and her reviews are so honest and easy to read.

Beck Beauty XO

Her name is Beck and she is 21. She is a mother to 2 children, and has a passion for beauty and fashion. She has recently just started blogging, about a week ago to be exact! But her blog already has amazing posts, and she shows you that you don’t have to buy expensive makeup to look good. Her post about her Essence Haul is my favourite, she actually found these products in Wilko’s in a tub saying everything 10p!! Make sure you check out her blog to find budget buys, the latest fashion style and the latest trends.

Han Meets World

Her name is Han and she is a lifestyle blogger. She blogs about fashion and healthy eating, business & enterprise, and there is also a section called “In the city” which has lots of inspiring posts. She really connects with her readers on every post, and you can tell that she is very passionate about what she writes. She has also attended some pretty amazing events which she has blogged about, my favourite is Han Meets Stylist Live.

So that is the 8 amazing bloggers! They are all amazing and all their blogs are so unique. Make sure you are following them all, and give them some love on their posts because they really do deserve it. I am so glad i am apart of this collaboration, had so much fun reading different kind of posts!! Hope you liked this post:)

Jadey xoxo

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    I just thought I’d let you know that I’ve nominated you for a sunshine blogger award! The post with my questions for you will be on my blog on the 13th November @ 5pm (uk time) so make sure you check it out and let me know if you decide to do the post yourself!

    holly @

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