2016 Christmas Gift Guide – Bloggers

Christmas is just around the corner and so many people haven’t even started their Christmas shopping. So take a look at my gift guide for some inspiration, with something to suit every budget! Here are my personal MUST HAVES for Bloggers:

Letter Light Box

This is a MUST HAVE for all bloggers, I mean who wouldn’t want to do amazing blog pictures without this amazing prop! It comes with 85 letters, numbers and symbols including hashtag and a heart! Currently reduced to £18 from £36 at SuperDrug, what a bargain!

Blogger Diary/Journal

This is a very handy thing that all bloggers should have to keep on schedule, and I think Christmas would be the perfect time to get one ready to start the new year ahead! I know for a fact that a blog diary/journal will be at the top of my Christmas list, and I’ve found this really cool blog journal from Paperchase at £15 which has everything you need inside!

Marble Dial Watch

A cute basic nude marble rose gold watch is a must have for every blogger, I mean what blogger doesn’t love nude colours, rose gold or marble! This watch is like a bloggers dream and would make a perfect stocking filler. I personally adore this watch and it’s currently £22 from ASOS.

Metallic Rose Gold Heels

These stunning £32 rose gold heels from Topshop are to die for! Everyone knows that rose gold is the must have colour for bloggers, and these shoes would make every fashion or beauty bloggers dream come true! They are stunning, there is no other word to describe them!

Zoella On My Travels Back Pack

Zoella is a former blogger so you just know her collections are going to be amazing. This gift set is just beautiful, I love the rose gold and marble designs. This star buy set from Boots was £50 now £30, and is a must have for every blogger. It comes with a stunning grey back pack, marble designed travel mug, rose gold key ring and nude coloured pencils!

Lume Selfie Light 

I have one of these and it is so good! I definitely think it should be at the top of every girls Christmas wish list. This amazing gadget allows you to video chat in any lighting and have brighter selfies. This phone case can also be used as a lighted makeup mirror or flashlight. This was £24 and is now £19, such an affordable stocking filler for Christmas!


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