Christmas is Coming – United Candles Review🎄

If anyone knows me they will know that I am a huge lover for Christmas and candles! So when I received an email to work with United Candles to try out their Christmas candles I just couldn’t say no.

Their Christmas candle range is just beautiful, the packaging is so christmassy.. I love it. I got sent two Christmas United Candles from their Tuscany Christmas range. The first one is called Sparkling Evergreen, and the second one is called Santa’s Magic Key. The first thing I’m going to say about these candles is that they smell so good! I feel bad that I can smell these and you’s cant, they smell like no other candle. The only way to describe the smell of the Sparkling Evergreen candle is that it smells like leaves, wood and mint. Doesn’t sound nice that, but the smell actually reminds me of a real fresh Christmas tree..It smells amazing. The Santa’s Magic Key candle is my favourite, it smells fabulous! It smell’s almost like vanilla, I just can’t describe the smell. You’re going to have to buy it to smell it for yourself, honestly it’s sooo good!

So here is Sparkling Evergreen. The most amazing thing about this candle is that it has 2 wicks, which is an amazing idea. I personally hate it when your candle no longer lights but all the wax is around the outside, but with 2 wicks the wax will melt easily. Which means your candle should last longer, which is what we want! You can’t really tell from the picture but there is almost like a glitter effect on the top of the candle, which is so beautiful and christmassy.

Thought I’d leave the best till last. Here is Santa’s Magic Key, and honestly photo’s dont do this candle justice. It is insanely beautiful and would make a great Christmas Gift, or even a fabulous candle to light during the festive season. This candle also has such a cute little key decoration around the top with a poem attached to it. The poem says:

“The key on this candle may be tiny and small, but the magic it holds will bring joy to all. No chimney for Santa to slide down with his sack, this key will open the door and take care of that. For this key lights the way for Santa to see, just where to leave the presents under the tree. Sweet dreams dear little one close your eyes tight, let this shiny little key work its magic tonight.”

The poem is just too cute, and would make this candle a good gift for families so they can light the candle Christmas Eve to make their children believe that the candle will show Santa the way to their house.. how cute!! The packaging on this candle is so good, I love the mirrored effect… It would even make a beautiful Christmas decoration. When this candle is done with, I am definitely going to keep it and reuse the beautiful glass jar. I don’t know what for yet, but I just cant throw this beautiful product away!

You can purchase these candles, and many more from Amazon. Let me know what you think of these candles and which one is your favourite? Thankyou for reading!

Jadey xoxo

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*DISCLAIMER- I was kindly sent this product, and I am not being paid and have not been told to say anything. All my opinions are completely honest and are my own. All my reviews are 100% honest, and I will never talk highly about a product I dislike.


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