Stoopido – Christmas Gift Review

This has nothing to do with beauty, but as It’s nearly Christmas I thought this would relate nicely with my Christmas Gift Guides.I have kindly been given the opportunity to review the brand new Stoopido game from Drumond Park. Which is so much fun, and me and the family had a fab time playing it.

The game is called Stoopido, and I guess that is because it is quite silly and stupid. So if your family enjoy having a laugh then this game is definitely for you! This game comes with: 4 sets of glasses, 25 double-sided silly features, 4 slap pads, 1 squeaker, 1 dice, 1 loser’s selfie card and instructions.

So this is simply how you play it:

  • Each player puts on a pair of glasses, the stoopitoot is placed in the middle, with the 4 slap pads positioned around it.
  • Players take it in turn to roll the dice, but everyone reacts and plays at the same time.
  • If you roll the nose, eyes, hat or ears.. players race to slap the corresponding slap pad. Whoever gets there first picks a Stoopido face feature from the corresponding pile and adds it to the glasses of any player that isn’t wearing that face feature.
  • But if you roll the glasses, then it’s bad luck as the player to your left gets to pick a Stoopido face piece of any feature you don’t already have and can add it to your glasses.
  • If you roll Stoopitoot, the player who squeaks it first can choose to either pick a Stoopido face feature and place it on any player, or can choose any Stoopido face feature from their own glasses and put it back on the pile.
  • If a players glasses are full they must stop playing and sit looking Stoopido for the remainder of the game.
  • Everyone carries on playing until there is only one player left without a full face of Stoopido features on their glasses, and that player wins.

To be honest, the game is really simple and didn’t take my family long to understand what to do. It is a really funny game to play, and as there are so many different face features you can create so many funny looks. I really do believe that this would make an amazing Christmas present for the whole family to play on Christmas day. Stoopido is aimed at children aged 8+, however I’m 19 and I had so much fun playing it.. and so did my mum!

For more information go to the Drumond Park website. You can purchase this hilarious game from Debenhams and more retailers for £17.99. Thankyou for reading this post, which is a little different to my usual ones! Hope you liked it:)

Jadey xoxo

*DISCLAIMER- I was kindly sent this product, and I am not being paid and have not been told to say anything. All my opinions are completely honest and are my own. All my reviews are 100% honest, and I will never talk highly about a product I dislike.


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