Jekyll’s Candles – Wax Melts Review

The very kind Sarah from Jekyll’s Candles offered to send me some of her handmade wax melts. Im a massive fan of wax melt’s and candles, and I couldn’t wait to try out hers for myself. I can’t tell you how beautiful the smell was when  I opened the box. It just smelt so good, and I couldn’t wait to smell each wax melt.

Each pack contained 3 wax melt’s, which is priced at £3. So the wax melt’s are £1 each, what a bargain! Delivery is also free so there is no extra charge on top of that, although it is £5 for anyone outside of the UK. The colours and shapes vary depending on which scent you get. However you can choose your own shape if you wanted too, which is brilliant! The scent’s I received are:

  • Candyfloss – Smell’s sweet, just like candyfloss.
  • Black Cherry – My favourite, it’s gorgeous and smell’s exactly like cherries!
  • Green Apple – Such a refreshing fruity smell.
  • Vanilla – This sent is so good, smell’s like vanilla ice cream!
  • Gingerbread – Can instantly smell the spices, smell’s like cinnamon though.

Candyfloss is a new scent and will be available from the 11th December. Also there is a Cameo wax melt which I unfortunately didn’t receive, but they are sold as a pack of 5 for £5. However you can’t choose the shape on this scent, as there is only one mould for it. But you can see that wax melt on Sarah’s Etsy Store here.

As you can see from all the picture’s the wax melt’s look absolutely beautiful, and they smell as good as they look too! I honestly wish my blog had a scratch ‘n’ sniff so you could smell how fabulous they are. The wax melt’s smell amazing in the packets, then when you actually melt one of them they smell even better! For the price, these are honestly so good and I can’t wait to get more.

Overall Jekyll’s Candles is a fantastic NEW Etsy Store selling handmade soy wax melt’s. They have an amazing range of melt’s to choose from, and you can also message them to choose your shape which I think is really personal and amazing. More shapes and scents are also coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled.. Because I know i’m going to. When you melt one of these wax melt’s the fragrance fills the air and leaves the room smelling amazing. There is definitely a scent for everyone, my favourite has got to be Black Cherry out of all of the ones I received.

So If you love wax melt’s like me then definitely check out Jekyll’s Candles, you won’t be disappointed! Here is the Instagram page too for more fabulous images!

Jadey xx

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*DISCLAIMER- I was kindly sent this product, and I am not being paid and have not been told to say anything. All my opinions are completely honest and are my own. All my reviews are 100% honest, and I will never talk highly about a product I dislike.


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