Arbonne Cosmetics and Skin Care Review

Very Kindly Rachel from Arbonne has sent me one of her Lip Glosses, plus she has added a lot of surprise samples for me to try too! I was so excited to try everything and review everything. Im also going to leave links to her online shop incase you want to purchase anything! She has also given me her catalogue and festive catalogue, and I can’t get over how amazing all of the products are!

So I have received: Lip Gloss, Makeup Primer, Mascara, Renewing Body Gelee, Lifting and Contouring Eye Cream, Hand Cream and Nightly Resurfacing Pad & Solution.  As I said I was originally meant to receive 1 Lip Gloss, so I was so happy to have received all these samples! Here is my review of each product:

Glossed Over Lip Gloss – Mallow Shade (£19)

There is no other way to explain this lip gloss than stunning. This is definitely a shade I would of gone for, it is simple yet beautiful.It is like a coral shimmery pink colour, it looks amazing on it’s own and over a lipstick. It feels so soft on my lips, and is very moisturising. There are 10 different shade’s of this lip gloss, and some have a shimmer finish and some have a peal finish. This Mallow shade has a shimmer finish, I love it. I definitely do recommended this lip gloss, it also stay’s on for a few hours before having to re-apply again.

Makeup Primer (£29)

This product promises to provide a flawless looking complexion  and texture while visible diminishing the look of fine lines and surface imperfection. It also helps minimise the appearance of pores and make the makeup last longer and stay true throughout the day. Personally I think this product does the exact same thing as my usual drug store primers, so I think the price tag is a bit too high. However this product does contain horsetail extract, green tea leaf extract and grape seed extract to condition the skin as you wear it!

It’s A Long Story Mascara (£28)

This is such a really good mascara, it is definitely up there with The Better Than Sex Mascara. It lengthens, thickens, and separates the lashes with no clumping! This mascara also doesn’t flake or irritate my eyes, which is what I look for in a mascara. It is also super easy to remove, and doesn’t pull out half of my lashes when I’m taking it off. This is such a dramatic mascara, and I would definitely purchase the full size version of this!

Renewing Body Gelee (£36)

This is basically a cooling gel, that can be used for near enough everything! Can be used for tired muscles, after sun, or just for general calming and renewing. I actually used this on my feet after wearing heels all night when I went out and it magically took the pain away! I think I am going to start swearing by this, It is actually magic. It also spreads fast, and absorbs very quickly. It is expensive, but obviously you’re going to have to pay a lot for magical cream.

Lifting and Contouring Eye Cream (£48)

This cream is said to plump and cushion the delicate skin around the eyes, while restoring the surrounding skin. It works wonders on reducing dark circles, and tightening the skin around your eyes. I only have a small sample of this, but honestly this will probably last me about 2 months. You only need the tiniest amount, and then pat until absorbed. I am so amazed by the results, it is definitely worth the price.

Ultra-Hydrating Hand Cream (£21)

I have used this multiple times now, and I can actually feel my hands getting softer. After washing your hands multiple times, your hands seem to get dry. However this hand cream, moisturises your hands leaving them feeling soft. If you suffer from dry hands then I would advise you to get this hand cream, however if you don’t suffer from dry hands then you may as well pay for a cheaper drug store hand cream as this is quite pricey.

Genius Nightly Resurfacing Pads & Solution (£87)

As I have only received a small sample I can’t really give much of a review on it. However after reading other people’s reviews I have noticed that everyone has had amazing results with this product. This product is ideal for damaged skin that needs a little livening up. The solution also reduces the look of dark spots and fine lines, to make skin feel smooth and even toned. I am going to have to get the full size version of this product, as the sample has made my skin feel tighter and smoother.

I am so happy with the results of using all of these products, make sure you check out the Arbonne products for yourself as you wont be disappointed. These products are similar to high end makeup and skincare products, which is what I love about them. Here is the link to Rachel’s online store.

Have you tried any of these products? Are you thinking about purchasing any? Let me know in the comments. Thankyou for reading!

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*DISCLAIMER- I was kindly sent this product, and I am not being paid and have not been told to say anything. All my opinions are completely honest and are my own. All my reviews are 100% honest, and I will never talk highly about a product I dislike.

Jadey xx


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