About Me


I am 20 years old and passionate about beauty. I love how good makeup makes girls feel and I love to find beauty products worth buying. Basically I’m obsessed with makeup!!

On my blog I’m going to be reviewing quite a lot of beauty products, and also showing you my fave must haves. I’ll also do my best to try and find bargain buys and dupes which are identical to the quite expensive brands.. For example MAC or Anastasia Beverly Hills.

I’m obsessed with celebrities and the latest trend. I’ll try and fit everything into my blog which I believe will be useful and also fun to read at the same time. However, my blog isn’t just about beauty. I also write about skincare, hair-care, nails and I have also done a variety of gift idea posts.

I will try my best to do weekly posts, I’ll also make every post useful to my fellow beauty lovers!!

Happy reading girlies! And if you love to read my blog posts, make sure you follow it to never miss a post!




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