Shadow Switch – Dry Brush Cleaner Product Review

Recently I’ve had the pleasure of trying out Shadow Switch, which is by far the most magical, and genius beauty tool I have ever come across. If you are a beauty lover like me, this is a brilliant product that you must have in your makeup bag. This new product extracts all traces of makeup powder from your brush, allowing you to switch between different colours and shades. It makes applying makeup easier and faster, and it also eliminates the possibility of product transfer between powders when using the same brush.

Inside the tin can is a dry black scouring pad, which doesn’t look like it could do much but indeed works wonders. After one application of eye-shadow, I swirled the brush on the scouring pad and magically the product was erased from the brush like it had never been used. You can then use the brush again to apply a different shade. This product is brilliant if you are travelling and are unable to bring all your eye makeup brushes with you. The product is extremely lightweight so you can just pop it into your makeup bag, with your one makeup brush are your good to go. Another good point about this product is that it doesn’t affect your makeup brush in any way, and it’s left as good as new.

This product is definitely my go to when travelling, or even if I want to save space in my makeup bag and take 1 eye brush instead of a 10000. Shadow Switch is available on Amazon now for £5.99. It is also coming to Sephora soon! Here is the Amazon link.

Do you want to try this product?, or already have? Let me know in the comments.

Thankyou for reading, and I hope you love this beauty hack product…Because I know I do!

Jadey xoxo

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*DISCLAIMER- I was kindly sent this product, and I am not being paid and have not been told to say anything. All my opinions are completely honest and are my own. All my reviews are 100% honest, and I will never talk highly about a product I dislike.


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